Hair Loss Regrowth Treatments

HR4 Treatment

HR4  treatment works by treating both the hair follicle and the hair shaft. This will maximise the results as we are strengthening the hair as we create the new hair growth. The treatment consists of combining micro needling and laser regrowth therapy.

To carry out the treatment we use a clinical derma rolling pen/roller . We use the device to create a gateway channel to apply our special regrowth formulation. The formulation consists of key ingredients which is what the hair follicle needs to produce strong healthy hair. As we create the channel it helps to produce more collagen which aids in the production of hair growth.

As we remove the dead skin debris, we allow the hair to grow. The skin starts to create new tissue, which increases the blood flow to the skin cells. This encourages new cell growth which helps to strengthen the hair follicle and produce new hair growth by making the inactive hair follicles become active again.

Hr4 treatment is a hair loss  treatment that is clinically proven to treat hair loss by:

Laser Regrowth Therapy

Our laser regrowth therapy is a clinically proven treatment to help stop hair loss and promote regrowth. Its suitable for both men and women and works by using low-level light lasers to stimulate the blood supply to the scalp and hair follicles. This increases the number of red blood cells that carry oxygen and nutrients to the scalp and hair follicles. It is known to help remove the harmful DHT which causes hair loss while triggering and enhancing cellular activity. This is vital when promoting hair growth. It gives the hair follicles the building blocks it needs to grow healthy thick hair. Laser therapy will also help clear the debris from within the hairs repair cuticles, while repairing broken damaged hair shafts. Therefore increasing the thickness and quality of your existing hair. Laser therapy is known to work best on clients who start it in the earlier stages of hair loss. However  clinical tests have proven laser therapy to make a significant improvement of upto 95%. The clients that were trialed were experiencing all stages of hair loss. Laser therapy is a cold laser light that is completely safe to use causing no damage to the skin and has no known side effects.

Laser regrowth therapy is good on:

HPHR Treatment

Our HP hair treatment is proven to increase new hair growth. Firstly we will apply a scalp peel to prepare you for treatment. This will clear away any dead skin cells/debris and remove any excess oils you may have on the scalp. We then use the hylouron pen devise to insert our special regrowth formula under the skin. This will allow the formula to reach the hair follicle to maximise the hair growth. We will work across the effected area applying the formulation shots. This will feed the hair follicles with growth stimulant to encourage new hair growth.

HP hair treatment is a hair loss  treatment that is clinically proven to treat hair loss by: