Brazilian non-surgical bum and breast enhancing

Our non surgical bum n breast enhancing treatment is a non invasive way to give you a breast or bum a lift with virtually no recovery time. Its great for people of all ages who want to enhance the appearance of their breasts or bottom.

If your breasts have lost there perkinesss due to pregnancy or breast feeding then dont worry ,we have a way to get your breasts looking firm and plump with no risk or complications!
Maybe your bum is not as peachy as it used to be ,maybe you are struggling to get a nice curvy shape in your favourite dress or jeans? Well we can help!
This is a non surgical bottom and breast lift. We use a combination of therapies using IPL, Vaccuum suction and vibration ultra sonic therapy. By using this combination of non invasive therapies, we increase the blood flow to the desired areas. We use the vacuum suction to manipulate the fatty tissues to areas where enhancement is desired. We stimulate the nerves to aid in improving the skins firmness, tone and texture for a more smoother lifted breast or buttom.

The treatment will give you instant results ,but For longer lasting results we recommend a session a week for 6-8 weeks



For more information please contact the salon where one of are experts can guide you.