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Here at Aspire Hair Studio, we understand how losing your hair can be devastating, especially when approximately 50% of hair loss sufferers begin to lose their hair in their early 20s. Whether it’s male/female pattern baldness, alopecia areata, due to medication or just general thinning of the hair.

These are all common causes of hair loss, and they all affect people differently. Hair loss can cause emotional stress, a decrease in confidence and self-esteem.

We believe that whether you are in your early stages of hair loss or are completely bald, we can help you! Book your free consultation today and together let’s improve your hair.

During your free consultation, one of our highly trained hair specialists will access your hair and discuss the best treatment for you.

You can arrange a free no obligation hair consultation to find out how hair replacement can help you.

Our Services

Hair Replacement

Our hair replacement service is a none invasive way of giving you a full head of hair with no pain and no need for recovery time. You can sleep, shower, swim and exercise just as normal . We can create any look you desire and with the help from 1 our expert stylists you will feel comfortable and fully aware of the process every step of the way. The hair system will be custom designed to you, so its fully integrated in with your hair making it undetectable. Our hair replacement service is for both men and women and we understand the importance of getting it right for you and your lifestyle. We offer a wide range of hair replacement systems from fully breathable to ultra-thin artificial skin bases. Our systems are always of the highest quality human hair and custom made to fit you and your needs. With our patent technology we can offer ultra-realistic hairline perfectly designed to be invisible to the eye and touch.

Our Services

Hair Extensions

Here at Aspire Hair studio, we offer a wide range of hair extensions, which include micro beads, nanobeads and tape-ins. We mainly offer hair extensions that are kind to your hair and don’t cause any strain or damage . All hair extensions can be ordered upto 24 inches long. We only use the highest quality human hair. Your hair will be assessed by one of our specially trained stylists, where we shall discuss your desired look, We can then recommend the best type of hair extensions for you.

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Hair Loss Treatments

Scar & Stretch Mark Removal


Eyebrow Treatments

Fat Dissolving

Non-surgical Bum & Breast Enhancing

We Are One of the Top Hair Therapists in Your Area.

"After starting to loss my hair at 20 I really struggled with my appearance. After my first consultation I straight away felt better knowing I had took the steps to change my appearance for the better. Now after having treatment everyone complements me on how great I look."

Chris M.

"In my job I’m always in the spot light so my appearance is everything. My hair was my biggest worry, now I go out there with no worries always feeling and looking my best now I have hair. I feel so much more confident now. Thank you Aspire for helping me. You have been recommended to my family and work colleagues."

Denise K.

"Losing my hair at such a young age really knocked my confidence. I would make up reasons not to attend any events. Now I’m the first one planning the events. All thanks to the staff at Aspire Studio."

Gordon B.

"Being able to get up and style my hair everyday has had a massive impact on my confidence. I feel and look great! Even my friends and family have noticed in a spring in my step."

Anita P.

"Absolutely love my new hair. All of you at Aspire Studio are fabulous. I finally feel and look my age I actually look younger. Brilliant."

Omar S.

"Admitting I was losing my hair was hard, but I’m glad i did. I was never going to just accept the way things were. Now I’m the happiest i've ever been with my appearance. My friends have also asked about using your services. Thank you Aspire hair studio."

Jean H.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have sensitive skin, can I still have treatment?

Hair replacement: Yes we have a range of bonding agents that are all specially designed for the scalp. Before having have treatment, we will carry out a patch test to ensure we use the best product for your skin.
Laser regrowth therapy: Yes the lights are cold laser lights and do not cause any damage to your skin or scalp at all.

Does it hurt?

No, all our services are pain free.

What products do I use?

We have specially designed products to work along side our treatment so you can care for your hair the best possible way you can. All the ingredients are uniquely chosen to benefit you in its own way.

How much does it cost?

Hair replacement: Our prices range depending on the type of replacement system we choose. The hair length you require and base size, will also need to be factored in when it comes to the cost. We will need to assess your hair to determine this.
Laser regrowth therapy: This all depends on which treatment time length will be needed for you. As everyone’s hair loss is different, we will need to assess your hair to determine this.
We can work out a monthly payment plan to suit the client.


All our consultations are free with no obligation. Our prices are fair and affordable and we can work out a monthly payment plan to suit the client.

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